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NFA Studio is the first architectural studio that exclusively builds in metaverse or Web3 environment. Our goal is to produce substantial architecture in virtual space. Focus rests on creating architecture in the classical sense such as giving structure, shelter and tailormade practicability without being bound by physical restrictions. The sense and use of architecture in extended realities needs to be discussed and finds expression by tailormade works of the NFA Studio creation-team consisting of architects, artists, virtual designers and technical enablers. Our customers are mainly in art but extend to luxury brands and individuals who want to envision options and possibilities in virtuality.

Further NFA Studio partners with architects worldwide who create art with their work. We help you architects as artists to mint and launch your creations such as pictures, renderings, 3D models, visualizations, plans and any architectural art work. Contact us to support you with your NFT project in architecture and take a look at our gallery here.

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Architectural competition

Salon d’Art XR ended with a great award event on 11 June 2022. We received outstanding works and selected seven of the best (among the five award winners) to be minted and launched as NFTs by NFA. Proud to see so many upcoming talents and great ideas for the creation of meaningful projects in metaverse. To be continued.

Find impressions of the competiton on our YouTube channel and look at the winners NFTs on OpenSea.



NFA Tickets is a new way to buy and sell art and real estate. Through the novel and innovative combination of digital and physical space, NFA offers an unprecedented opportunity through blockchain technology. For each work or property for sale, NFA creates an NFT collection. A ticket is implemented in each NFT from a specific collection; this means that as a buyer you not only buy an NFT but also the chance to win the physical existing artwork or property.


NFA Editions publishes a new NFT edition every fortnight in collaboration with different positions from the national and international art landscape. The editions are published exclusively on opensea and feature young, emerging and already well-established artists.

Find our editions here.


NFA Collectibles creates and builds NFT collections on opensea in collaboration with various artists as well as designers. The universe of the ultimate lazy NAPPERS will see the light of the blockchain on 1 September 2022.

Who we are

We come from art, architecture and law. And we mixed all these skills and our curiosity for new systems of art dealing and set up this simple idea to secure great architecture that qualifies as art by NFTs.

NFA Studio

Tailor-made teams (anna@nf-architecture.io)


Anna Fischer, founder, attorney at law (anna@nf-architecture.io, fischer@rf-law.ch)


Kevin Muster, curator (kevin@nf-architecture.io)

NFA technical

Žan Fridau, 2null1.com (hello@2null1.com)

NFA non fungible architecture LLC – Zug - Berlin


This is a thinktank on one simple question: What do you need in metaverse?

We believe that virtuality, as an extension of the tangible world that we classically perceive as reality, is useful for our everyday life and work and that we can create a virtual life that meets the needs of the users and makes their realities more efficient, more flexible, easier and nicer. The needs of the users can be defined in understanding the tangible/real world and the addition in virtual space. Architects are educated to understand and translate these needs into structures that are helpful and fulfill a determined goal. The work interdisciplinary with philosophers, psychologists, economists, artists and lawyers, just to mention some. And our architects want to learn and find out about the improvement virtuality can bring. This is a forum where the intellectual discussion on subjects related to our perception of metaverse shall take place.

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