the idea

Is a Swiss company based in crypto valley Zug. We understand that architecture is ART. And that art should be made available in as many ways as possible. Ours is by offering Non fungible architecture in form of non fungible tokens (NFT).

We make architecture visible, livable, and feelable even if non fungible. You can stroll through rooms, see a building enlightened in a beautiful landscape and have dream visions of impressive futuristic housing that yes, can be built in real life, but no, does not need to be on a plot to be enjoyed and filled with life.

And if you purchase such architecture it is yours and yours only. The Non fungible token that underlies the visualization guarantees your ownership of the asset. Combination with further rights, such as construction permission, plans, plots can be attached by the smart contracts that come within the NFT. The content of the NFT you buy is explained clearly and the contracts are set up and audited by our legal team.